What is a Manufactured Home?

Manufactured Homes: What's in a Name?

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When it comes to manufactured homes, there are a few words that most people use interchangeably to describe them. You may have heard terms like “mobile homes,” “prefab” or “pre-fabricated” homes, or even “modular homes.” But in terms of manufactured homes, are all these one in the same? Turns out, there are actually some important distinctions between them.


Pre-Fabricated (Prefab) vs. Modular Homes

These two terms can be used nearly interchangeably. Modular and prefab homes are constructed in a controlled environment inside a factory or warehouse as opposed to traditionally constructed homes, which are built outside in the elements at the site in which they will be used.

Prefab and modular homes are a type of manufactured home that can be made in pieces and then assembled onsite. In other words, a prefab or modular home might contain two, three, four, or even more pieces to complete.

These types of homes may have multiple stories and can be placed onto a foundation that either features a basement or is a slab. These types of homes are permanently anchored to the site in which they will be used. 

In most cases, prefab and modular homes do not require special financing as loans for these home types are easily obtained. 

Manufactured Homes vs. Mobile Homes

Like prefab or modular homes, mobile homes are also constructed in a factory or warehouse in a controlled environment. 

The primary difference is that mobile homes are considered to be mobile for a reason: they can be moved from one place to another via truck or hitch and they do not get placed on a permanent foundation. Mobile homes may be found on rented plots of land called “lots” or on land in which the mobile home owner also owns.

Mobile homes consist of only one story and are not placed on a permanent slab foundation or a basement foundation. 

HUD certification red tag
Manufactured HUD Certification Label

Manufactured Home Differences

You may have caught on by now that manufactured homes can technically encompass either prefab, modular, or mobile homes. However, manufactured homes that can be financed by NLC Loans must meet some basic requirements.

Manufactured Home Requirements: 

  • The home must be a “double wide (minimum 20 feet wide)” and at least 600 sq feet total
  • The home must be affixed to a permanent foundation.
  • The home must be situated on property that is owned by the home’s owner.
  • The home cannot be on a mobile home anchor or have a hitch of any kind.
  • The home must have been built on or after June 15, 1976. 
  • The home must have a red manufactured home HUD tag.

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