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Akron Couple Wins NLC Loans Great Mortgage Giveaway; Will Get Free Mortgage Payments Throughout 2015


Each year, tens of thousands of people enter the NLC Loans Great Mortgage Giveaway.

Each hopes to win a month’s mortgage payment—and ultimately, an entire year’s worth of mortgage payments.

This January, that one lucky entrant was chosen to receive an entire year free from mortgage payments.

Phyllis Weinsheimer of Akron, Ohio, took home this year’s grand prize. She and her husband, Joe, can forget about the monthly stress of writing that check for almost $760.00 to their lender every month for the next 12 months, because NLC Loans is covering it for them.

We visited the couple in the Portage Lakes home, presenting them with the $9,118 prize and got to learn a little bit more about them.


Phyllis said that the call that they’d won the grand prize couldn’t have come at a better time, as her mother had recently passed away.

“When we got the call, I just knew that my mom was looking down on me,” she said through tears.

The Weinsheimers both admitted that they were a bit skeptical about winning—particularly Joe, who said that he had to see it to believe it.

“You never know,” he said. “I was worried it might have been a scam.”

Of course, by the end of our visit, both Phyllis and Joe were feeling a bit more at ease with winning as it all sank in. Phyllis said that her moment of clarity came when she actually remembered entering the contest via a link on local television station Fox 8 Cleveland.

“I almost said, am I being punked?” Phyllis said. “I don’t know how I didn’t cry on the phone. I was leaving to go work out and I called (Joe) on the way and he couldn’t understand me and thought something was wrong. He kept telling me I needed to calm down!”

Naturally, we wanted to know what they’ll be able to do this year that they may not have been able to otherwise.

“I’m taking her to Hawaii with it,” said husband Joe.

“Oh yes! Hawaii!” exclaimed Phyllis, smiling from ear to ear.