Manufactured Home Refinancing

Refinancing Options for Manufactured Homes

manufactured home in a country setting

Some lenders don’t offer refinancing for manufactured loans, but NLC Loans™ offers a wide variety of refinance loans for manufactured home owners. Whether you want to lower your interest rate, shorten your mortgage term, or cash out some of your equity, you can meet your financial goals by choosing NLC Loans as your mortgage lender.

Why Refinance Your Manufactured Home?

  • Get a lower interest rate and save thousands or more in interest payments
  • Lower your monthly mortgage payments
  • Tap into your home’s equity to pay for home improvements, pay off credit cards, save for retirement, pay for college, and more…
  • Shorten the duration of your mortgage term to save on interest payments and pay off your loan faster
  • Reduce or eliminate mortgage insurance premiums

What Types of Mortgage Loans Can I Use for Manufactured Home Refinancing?

Many of the same mortgage loan options are available for manufactured home refinancing as there are for traditionally built home refinancing. This includes:

What Are the Requirements for Manufactured Home Refinancing?

Refinancing a manufactured home requires the same processes as buying a traditionally built home. There are a few primary elements that a manufactured home must have in order to be able to be refinanced with a loan from NLC Loans:

  • The manufactured home must have been built on or after June 15, 1976
  • The manufactured home must be “double-wide (minimum 20 feet wide)” at least 600 square feet of living space.
  • The home must be affixed to a permanent foundation.
  • The home must be located on a land or lot that is being financed with the home. A leased lot is not acceptable.

Refinance Your Manufactured Home Today

NLC Loans can help you refinance your manufactured home so that your financial dreams can become a reality. Your savings awaits, so start the process today by clicking below to get pre-qualified:

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As a result of refinancing, your total finance charges may be greater over the life of the loan. Ask your NLC Loans Personal Mortgage Advisor for more details.