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5 Great Ways to Make Money from Your Junk

It’s springtime (finally!) and the weather is starting to get warmer. You know what that means: it’s time for some serious spring cleaning. If you’ve got what feels like mountains of clutter weighing you down, here’s how you can make money from your junk.So get ready, get set, go: it’s time to declutter and get paid for it, baby! 

Idea 1: Facebook selling groups

Sell individual items such as clothing, toys, kitchen appliances, cars, tools, housewares, home decor, and baby items by joining a local Facebook sale group for whatever city you are in or near. Be sure to post pictures of your stuff and an accurate description. 

To be safe, arrange to meet buyers in a public place or outside your home; do not have buyers come inside your home unless it cannot be avoided. If this is the case, be sure you aren’t home alone when they come inside. 

You’ll be surprised how much people want all the things you don’t! You could easily make money from your junk; hundreds of dollars in many cases. 

Idea 2: Yard sale

There’s no shame in the old stand by: the yard (or garage) sale! Make your junk get to work by putting it up for sale and inviting the neighborhood over to take something home. Be sure to price your items fairly and be prepared to accept offers. 

For a successful sale, display your items in an orderly fashion and aim for hosting the sale during good weather. Have ample change on hand (ones, fives, and coins should suffice) and be sure to advertise in local Facebook groups (in fact, you can usually post your sale in the Facebook local sales groups mentioned above), in the newspaper, and with signs posted around your neighborhood. 

When you’re done, donate whatever items are left to a local charity.

Idea 3: Tax write off

Speaking of local charities, if you don’t feel like hosting a yard sale, pack up your unwanted items and haul them down to a nearby Goodwill or Salvation Army thrift store. Be sure to take notes on the items you’re donating, because the donation center will provide you with a charitable contribution receipt that you will be able to use come tax time to lower the amount you’ll pay on your federal income taxes–or potentially even help to land you a refund. I

t’s not an immediate way to make money from your junk, but it’s super simple and you’ll be glad you did it come tax time. 

Idea 4: Host a swap

Swaps are quickly becoming all the rage. From toys to clothing and home decor to baby items, consider inviting a group of friends (and their friends to0) to your place to host a mini swap meet. Trade clothing the kids have grown out of with other moms who have younger children, or just swap home decor items for a fresh new look. 

Everyone comes out of a swap feeling like they just went on a shopping spree–but no one spends a time. And all the while you’re getting rid of the things you no longer use and replacing them with things you need. It’s a great way to make money from your junk, and even though you won’t be pocketing the cash directly, you’ll be keeping it in your pocket by getting the things you need to buy without having to swipe the credit cards. 

Idea 5: Sell Online

If you’ve got some items that could potentially be worth a bit of money, try selling them online and make your junk pay you! Check current prices for your items on sites like eBay or Amazon to see what they’re worth. Old cell phones, laptops, small appliances, designer clothing items, or even lots of clothing ranging in sizes from baby to adult can fetch an impressive price tag on sites like eBay.