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How to Choose Great VA Loan Lenders

If you’re in the market for a veteran’s home loan, you might be wondering where you can find the best VA loan lenders. Before you make a commitment to a bank or mortgage broker, read on to learn about some very important things you must consider before choosing a VA loan lender.

A History of Successful VA Loans. 

In order for a mortgage company to be considered among the best VA loan lenders, they should have a history of closing successful VA loans. This means that they aren’t just approved to process VA loans, but that they have been doing it for long enough that they have a verifiable history of success when it comes to arranging home finance loans for veterans. 


The best VA loan lenders will be up front about your financial situation, solutions, and your loan. They will also be available when you have questions. Great loan officers make themselves available to their clients by both email and phone, and they reply promptly to your inquiries.

For the times when your loan officer is unavailable, the lender should have another method to help you get your questions answered.

For example, NLC Loans has a customer solutions team available for our clients to get their questions and concerns addressed during their times in which our Personal Mortgage Advisors might be busy assisting another client or out of the office today. 

The best VA loan lenders will make sure their clients are always in-the-know and that they always receive accurate information in a transparent manner. 

Comfort is King. 

A good loan officer is invaluable, so making sure you are comfortable with your point of contact at VA loan lenders is critical. You should be able to have friendly, open conversations with your Personal Mortgage Advisor and you shouldn’t feel like they aren’t communicating well with you. A professional but friendly chemistry between you and the loan officer and other people with whom you might come into contact at the company is extremely important. 

Check the BBB. 

Good VA loan lenders will have positive profiles with the Better Business Bureau. While this does not mean that they will be totally free of complaints, it does mean that the few complaints that have been filed should have been addressed and resolved by the company. Every company is likely to have a complaint or two, but it is the way in which those complaints were handled that is most important. 

They hire vets. 

While it isn’t required to verify great VA loan lenders, companies that have a history of hiring veterans can be a real value to the veteran community by putting our nation’s finest to work when they finish serving our great country. 

NLC Loans is on the list of approved VA loan lenders.

NLC Loans is on the list of approved VA loan lenders and has been successfully helping our country’s veterans achieve homeownership and financial freedom since we first opened for business in 2003.

Our Personal Mortgage Advisors make themselves available to their clients to answer questions and provide innovative home financing solutions to help them reach their financial goals.

NLC Loans is also a proud employer of many U.S. veterans and sponsor of several veteran-related causes and charities, such as the Wounded Warrior Project.

For a free, no-strings attached VA loan mortgage consultation, call one of our professional, licensed Personal Mortgage Advisors toll-free at 877-480-8050 or submit a pre-qualification form today.