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How to Choose Great FHA Lenders

FHA home loans, which are governmentally insured and extended under the Federal Housing Administration, are a popular choice for many home buyers—particularly first time home buyers. This is because FHA home loans allow people to buy a home with a relatively low down payment and have credit terms that may be more generous than other mortgage loan types.

However, only certain certain financial institutions are approved FHA lenders. NLC Loans™ is among many licensed FHA lenders in the United States. But how do you know that you are working with one of the reputable FHA lenders? Here are a few things you will want to look for:


Good FHA lenders will take the time to explain everything.

One of the first signs of great FHA lenders is when everyone you speak to who represents the lender has an obvious willingness to take time to answer all your questions about your mortgage and homeownership and explain everything you need to know. They will never rush you away or off the phone; they will make sure you are informed in every way possible so that you make an educated decision and are aware of all of the features of your FHA loan, including your monthly payments, insurance premiums, interest rates, and more.


Reputable FHA lenders will have a strong history of processing FHA loans.

A lender with a long and successful history of processing FHA loans is a good indicator that the lender is knowledgeable in the FHA loan process, making them a possible good choice among approved FHA lenders.


You will feel comfortable with the right FHA lender.

As with most things in life, trust your gut. You should feel comfortable and at east with great FHA lenders. You should get a sense that the lender is competent and will close your loan without making excuses. Checking online reviews is a good way to see if other people felt comfortable with FHA lenders and see what their outcomes were when they chose to do business with them.


Good FHA lenders will have satisfactory Better Business Bureau records.  

Great FHA lenders will have positive Better Business Bureau profiles. This does not mean that they will be totally free of complaints, but it does mean that formal complaints should be minimal and the complaints that do exist should have been addressed and resolved.


NLC Loans is an Approved FHA Lender

From our knowledgeable, dedicated staff of mortgage loan professionals to our smooth FHA loan closing process, NLC Loans is a good choice for those searching for all mortgage types, including FHA mortgage loans.

The company has been serving homeowners and home buyers since they first opened in 2003, so they’ve got the experience and expertise required to make sure their borrowers are informed at all times and treated with the utmost respect. NLC Loans is committed to finding innovative home financing options for homeowners and home buyers with a variety of financial goals.  

For a free, no-strings attached FHA mortgage consultation, call a Personal Mortgage Advisor toll-free at 1-877-480-8050 or get pre-qualified online.