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10 Reasons to Buy a Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes have come a long way since their inception. Many people think of manufactured homes and a picture of a mobile home is what comes to mind. However, this is not at all the case for modern homes.  If you’re looking to become a homeowner, manufactured homes just might be a great option for you.



1. They’re Affordable. 

On average, manufactured homes sell for $48 per square foot– that’s less than half the $101 per square foot national average that traditionally-built homes sell for. Why? Because they also cost about half of what traditionally-constructed homes cost to build.  Simply put, this means you get more house for less money.

2. They’re Attractive. 

As mentioned above, when someone says “manufactured home,” visions of dated aluminum siding and cheaply made fixtures come to mind. However, modern manufactured homes are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. In fact, many of them look a whole lot like their traditionally-constructed counterparts. Vinyl siding, brick and stone masonry and veneers, expansive and inviting porches, beautiful bay and bow windows, gorgeous landscaping, and high end details are just some of the reasons why today’s manufactured housing has definite curb appeal. 

The insides of these homes are no different. Vaulted ceilings, stainless steel appliances, fireplaces, modern kitchens with granite counters, glamour baths, and stylish flooring can be found in many of today’s manufactured homes. 

3. They Last as Long as Traditionally-Built Homes.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that modern manufactured homes last nearly as long as–or as long as– traditionally-constructed homes built under modern construction standards, according to the Corporation for Enterprise Development. That’s right– the home is just as dependable and sturdy as most other homes built in recent years. 

4. They’re Energy Efficient. 

Manufactured homes built with today’s technological advancements can not only be just as energy efficient as many site-built homes, but they are often more energy efficient than similar traditionally-constructed homes. This means owners of modern manufactured homes can enjoy lower than average electric, gas, and alternative heating fuel bills each month. 

5. They’re Environmentally Friendly to Build.

Manufactured homes are build inside temperature and humidity controlled facilities instead of outside in the elements, so they require less protection and produce less construction waste while they’re being built. In fact, on average, they produce 35-40% less waste than site-built homes during construction. This likely plays a big role in why they cost so much less to build than other home types. 

6. They Can Be Built in Less Time than Traditionally-Built Homes. 

According to a Survey of Construction performed by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2014, it takes eight long months on average for a contractor to complete the construction of a site-built single family home. On average, manufactured homes are built in just one-fifth of that time–less than two months on average. For those looking to build a new home on land they own, this means there is much less annoying wait time. 

7. They Hold Value Just Like Other Homes.

Obviously, market conditions play a big role in home values. However, manufactured homes typically hold their values the same way traditionally-constructed homes do. This means that when home values increase in a specific region, they increase for manufactured homes as well. Because modern manufactured homes are sturdily constructed,  have great curb appeal, and last as long as other recently-constructed site-built single family homes, this means they they typically hold their value over time just like any other home type. 

8. They Are Great for Building Equity. 

Owners of manufactured homes build equity just like anyone else. Building equity is one of the best parts of homeownership because it allows the homeowner to build wealth over time that can eventually be turned into cash. Even before a manufactured home owner owns their home in full, they have cash-out refinancing options that will allow them to tap into built equity in their homes to do things like pay for college or retirement, make home repairs or improvements, pay off high interest debt, or create an emergency cash reserve. This provides peace of mind that only homeownership can bring. 

9. 18 Million Americans Own Them.

Manufactured housing construction is on the increase in the U.S. and 18 million Americans own manufactured homes. Freddie Mac says that manufactured homes made up 10% of the new home market between 2003 and 2013 and expect the number to increase.  

10. You Can Buy One Without Perfect Credit. 

NLC Loans offers conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA financing for manufactured homes. Federal loan programs such as FHA and VA have credit score requirements of just 580, so perfect credit is not required when buying manufactured homes. 


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