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Why is it Hard to Find Manufactured Home Loans?

If you have a manufactured home, you may have trouble refinancing. Manufactured home loans are notoriously hard to find, but lenders that offer loans for both the purchase and refinancing of manufactured homes do exist—such as NLC Loans. 

About Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are simply homes that are primarily built in a factory instead of onsite, which is how most homes are built. Once completed, they are then moved to their final destinations by way of a flat bed truck and placed onto their foundations. 

Manufactured homes are very common all over the country, but they are extremely popular in many areas in the south and west. While many manufactured homes may have a traditional rectangular shape, there are many that look more like what one might consider to be a “traditional” home. These homes tend to be very cost effective and take less time to build that onsite construction. However, people often find that when it comes time to buy or refinance one, that they have a hard time finding a lender that offers manufactured home loans.

Why are Loans for Manufactured Homes so Difficult to Find?

When it comes to financing a manufactured home, some lenders tend to shy away from these popular structures. This is due to the fact that some manufactured homes may age more quickly than their site-built counterparts. It can also be because manufactured homes may not be as profitable as other types of home construction for certain lenders. Fortunately, not all lenders exclude manufactured homes from their home finance offerings. 

NLC Loans offers many financing options for manufactured home buyers and owners. Whether you are purchasing a manufactured home or refinancing one that you already own, NLC loans can help you with manufactured home loans. 

Is My Manufactured Home Eligible for Manufactured Home Loans?

NLC Loans offers financing options for many types of manufactured homes. Whether yours is located on a serene country parcel or a small suburban lot, we have loan options available for you.

The primary things you need to know about purchasing or refinancing a manufactured home with manufactured home loans from NLC Loans is that in order to qualify, your manufactured home must be considered a “double wide” home–one that is at least 20 feet wide and 90 feet long.

Homes that are available for manufactured home loans from NLC Loans must also be affixed to a permanent foundation. That is, they cannot be placed on wheels, cinder blocks, or be mobile in any way. That’s one of the major difference between what would be considered a “mobile home” and a manufactured home. They’re both manufactured in a factory, but mobile homes do not have a permanent foundation. 

Call NLC Loans for Manufactured Home Loans

To see if you might be able to get manufactured home loans from NLC Loans, call one of our Personal Mortgage Advisors for a free, no-obligation home savings consultation at 877-480-8050 or get pre-qualified