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Ten Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen on the Cheap

If you’re selling your home or looking to get a better appraisal for a refinance, you should know that your kitchen is one of the most valuable rooms in the house. The heartbeat of the home, the kitchen is where families gather to talk, prepare meals, eat and enjoy activities together. People looking for a home consistently rate the kitchen as one of the most important rooms in the entire home, followed closed by the bathroom. Because of this, you’ll want to keep your kitchen stylish. If you think that can only be accomplished with thousands of dollars, think again: a fresh look is affordable if you know where to start. Begin with these ten priceless tips to keep your kitchen looking great for $150 or less a pop.

A Cheap Yet Chic Appliance Upgrade

1. Unify your mismatched appliances by simply making them look like they match. Call the appliance manufacturer and ask to purchase replacement doors or front panels for your dishwasher or refrigerator, if they’re built in. You can make them all work cohesively by purchasing pieces that coordinate or by matching hardware and handles. Alternately, hide a mismatched dishwasher by purchasing a magnetic cover that’ll make it blend right in with your range and refrigerator. They even make these with a stainless steel finish. This will give your appliance the look of an expensive upgrade for a whole lot less.

Lighten Up

2. Install new lighting fixtures to breathe new life into your kitchen. Today’s lighting fixtures come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Many options for lighting your kitchen, such as stylish pendant lights or lighting tracks – can be purchased for $150 or less. Another great option is to install budget under-cabinet lighting that will create a soft, upscale look while still functioning well for food preparation.

Accessorize with a Modern Look

3. If you are still clinging to outdated décor or functional-but-dated items like 20-year old dry canisters, switch it out for updated décor that pops and catches the eye. Hunt for bargains at resale and thrift stores or keep an eye out for sales at department stores like Target. Small accessories can really add a whole new degree of wow for very little cash.

Cover Old Countertops

4. Old countertops can be a real eyesore, but you can update them on a shoestring budget to dramatically change your look. Laminate sheets, decoupage and paint are all fairly inexpensive ways to create a whole new look for very little cash. Be sure whatever finish you choose will stand up well to everyday use.

Make Your Floor Chic

5. Shabby chic is a great look that’s very stylish. Energize an old, worn out wood floor by painting or stenciling it. Keep the colors neutral and skip the ultra-bright colors, which can be a little too loud for potential buyers or an appraiser.

DIY Shelving

6. Spruce up the kitchen and add coveted storage by creating shelving out of metal brackets and different types of wood, which can be easily painted to match your kitchen. This is a very affordable idea for homes that could use some extra cabinet space. To really make the shelving pop, add accessories that draw attention and coordinate with your color scheme.

The Island Life

7. Create extra workspace with a small, moveable kitchen island. Some islands feature lockable wheels while others are stationary. Not only will an island update the look of the kitchen, but buyers who love to cook will be creatively inspired by the extra space for cooling cookies, rolling dough, or chopping garden-fresh veggies for their favorite recipes. Even those that can’t stand to cook will be impressed with the extra countertop space an island provides. When showing your home, put a vase of fresh flowers on the new island to draw extra attention to it.

Reflect on Space

8. Create the illusion of a bigger kitchen by using mirrored wall décor on the largest wall. The reflection of the kitchen in the mirrored wall will really open up the room. You don’t need a full wall mirror to experience the benefits: just a framed mirror or collection of smaller mirrors arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner will do.

Maximize Your Cabinets & Storage Potential

9. Add additional storage space with turntable pantries, corner drawers or hanging racks. Put a decorative pegboard or a buffet table along one wall. Invest in devices meant to maximize the use of drawers and cabinets, such as drawer organizers or small shelving devices meant to fit inside your cabinets. Be sure to use them so you can show potential buyers your organized kitchen.

Water Works

10. Update an outdated faucet with a sleek new model. The faucets of today are more affordable than older ones, and they come in all shapes, colors, sizes and styles. Faucets aren’t just functional—they’re a fashion accessory for your kitchen. They’re easy to install, too.