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house key crafts

5 Amazing Things to Do with Your House Keys

Buying your first home is a big life event. Heck, even buying your second, third, or fourth home–or even moving into your first apartment– is a big life event. Commemorate each milestone move by turning your house keys into something fabulous that you’ll be able to keep and display for many years to come so that you can remind yourself of how great it felt when you walked into your very own house for the first time after you closed on your loan.


first time homebuyer ornament

1. Make a polymer clay ornament

Commemorate your first home by creating this cute little Christmas ornament from That’s What We Did. Polymer clay, which is a modeling compound that hardens nicely when baked (you can bake it in a regular oven or even in a toaster oven), is available at most craft stores for just a couple of dollars.

Blogger Val recommends using a small rolling pin and cookie cutter to get your clay into the perfect shape. When you’re done cutting it out, simply press your house key into the ornament until it leaves an imprint, then remove it. Use a drinking straw to poke a hole in the top of the ornament before baking. Next, bake the ornament according to the polymer clay’s instructions (Val did hers at 300 degrees), then let cool. String a pretty piece of ribbon through the hole in the top and use a permanent marker to write the date and/or address on the ornament.

You’ll be left with a cute, durable ornament that will last for many years–even if you decide to move again. 


2. Frame it first house key framed

Your first home’s house keys may not seem like a real show stopper, but this awesome framed key art from The Picket Fence Projects certainly is.

Homeowner Melissa used a simple white picture frame to hold a copy of her house key and mounted it on a crisp white heavy card stock background with a handwritten note and address. The simplicity of the framed key, which looks great in a foyer or entryway, is part of its magical lure.

Use a picture frame that complements your decor style and color scheme and play around with backgrounds that could really make your personalized art pop. 



house key ornament

3. Make a bejeweled house key ornament 

Another cute Christmas ornament idea, this bejeweled key from Unoriginal Mom is super cute and completely personalized.

Blogger Meredith simply strung a copy of her house key with some some pretty (but durable) ribbon. She attached colored beads between knots on the top in her choice of colors and designs (she chose red, white, and silver for the holidays) and then looped the ribbon at the top so that she could hang the ornament.  

She used her scrap-booking machine to create a golden scroll from some thick gold card stock which she affixed to the key with craft glue (hint: we recommend laminating to get the most life out of the ornament if you do this). 

The beauty of making the key into the ornament itself means you’ll need very little in the way of hardware, and you can completely personalize your ornament in your choice of colors and styles of beads. 



house key craft idea4. Build a house key rack

Have a few old apartment or house keys or that you kept because of the sentimental value, but you still aren’t sure what to do with them? This cute key rack from The Idea King— which utilizes actual keys to make hooks– is a great idea. It’s a conversation starter on every level, and it’ll allow you to commemorate your first home (or second home, third home, or first apartment…) in a functional yet stylish way. 

The blogger uses ornate furniture nails to affix  the keys to the wood board, which adds a sophisticated touch. The keys are bent easily with a workbench vice in a matter of seconds. 

This sturdy wall hanging is one that will last a lifetime, and if you’re feeling really crafty, you could potentially leave room for house keys of the future. Add your own spin on this great craft by adding a splash of color (a light brushing of antique white paint followed by a clear lacquer to protect it would make for a great shabby chic look for your entryway). 


5. Make a one-of-a-kind necklacehouse key necklace craft

The key to your very first home is a special one, so why not make a copy of it and wear it as a unique– and completely personalized–piece of jewelry that’ll really turn heads? 

Blogger Cathe at Just Something I Made made this gorgeous pendant necklace from an old house key. Hand painted and adorned with cute beads in a variety of colors, the necklace is tasteful and unique. The simplicity of the pendant is part of its charm, and the fact that it’s easy to make certainly doesn’t hurt either. 


Dreaming of your very own house keys? 


Home ownership can be a reality even if you have imperfect credit or require a low down payment. If you find yourself daydreaming about owning your very own home, contact one of NLC Loans’ licensed Personal Mortgage Advisors toll-free at 877-480-8050 for a free, no-strings-attached mortgage consultation.

You might be surprised to learn that home ownership is, indeed, within reach. After all, what you’ve heard is true: there is no better feeling than owning your own home. What you do with your house keys as a new homeowner is up to you. Let NLC Loans help get you there!