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pumpkin decorations on porch

8 Homeowners Who Took Halloween Decorations to the Next Level

One of the best parts about owning a home is being able to decorate it and set it up exactly the way you choose. Halloween is definitely the holiday that begins to kick off the festivities of the holiday season, which leads enthusiastic homeowners to bring out the strands of lights, inflatables, and other eye catching decorations. While not everyone gets into Halloween decorations, these amazing homeowners took theirs to the next level.


A Frightening Experience 

We’re not sure where this house is, but this impressive haunted abode from Wicked Horror is nothing short of jaw dropping. From the boarded up windows to the spider webs, skeletons, and zombies, this house is everything that is Halloween. These homeowners certainly went all out!

crazy halloween house



The Pumpkin House

According to The Digest Online, this amazing spooky house in West Virginia is owned by Ric Smith, who collaborates with a team of volunteers to carve and light over 3,000 jack-o-lanterns on Halloween night. This is one dedicated homeowner! 

pumpkin halloween house



Ship Up or Ship Out

This amazing display in Lorain, Ohio has every passerby doing a double take according to The Daily Mail. The homeowner built what looks to be a pirate ship crashing through the house–complete with fake torn siding. It’s very convincing, matees! 

halloween ship house




This amazing nightmare of a display reported by Sherri Foxman brings chills to all who gaze upon it. I mean seriously, doesn’t this just make your skin crawl? This homeowner must not be afraid of those eight-legged creepy crawlers!

spider halloween house



Robots in Disguise

When showed this absolutely amazing Transformers display in front a a Cleveland home, people went gaga. Some said it wasn’t in the spirit of Halloween, but we beg to differ. 

Transformers Halloween house



Monster House

What happens to a homeowner’s house when the child of said homeowners is an accomplished artist? This. Artist Christine McConnell decorates her parents’ home in a different theme for Halloween every year, according to Bored Panda. Pretty impressive, no? 

artist monster halloween house



A Phantom Pirate 

We know, we know– didn’t we already have a pirate ship in the mix? We did, but this homeowner did such a great job that we had to include both! The elaborate display was reported by The Pilot Online in 2012 and it’s still one of our faves. Spooky! 

ship halloween house



Who Ya Gonna Call?

Nerd-o-Vision got it right when they reported this amazing, family friendly display in front of a Milwaukee home. Ghostbusters must be a favorite of the homeowner, wouldn’t you say? They ain’t afraid of no ghosts! 

Ghost Busters halloween house