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5 Amazing Small Yard Garden Ideas

Whether you like growing vegetables or flowers (or a little bit of both), a beautiful garden is the perfect place to relax in your home. Get inspired to create your own backyard retreat with these amazing small yard garden ideas–even if you’re short on space. 

 Idea 1: Small Space, Big Impact
gorgeous garden in Buffalo
Photo: Doug Draper,

A backyard Eden featured at the Buffalo Garden Walk. Lush foliage and rich ivies create a cool, shady sitting space while a small koi pond makes a peaceful garden centerpiece. Imagine enjoying a glass of iced tea on a warm summer day here.


Idea 2: An Enclosed Raised Vegetable Garden
enclosed raised garden bed
Photo courtesy of

A raised, enclosed garden bed makes an ideal space for a vegetable garden even in very tight quarters. It looks clean and organized and makes it easy to keep pesky rabbits away from your vegetables as well, making it one of the best options in terms of small yard gardening ideas. 


Idea 3: Vertical Gardening 
vertical flower garden
Photo courtesy of

One of the most amazing small yard gardening ideas to ever hit anyone’s yard is the concept of vertical gardening. Vertical gardening, which allows gardeners to plant flowers, ornamental shrubs, vegetables, fruit, and more in a way in which they are stacked on top of one another and then hung from or affixed to a wall, is a great way to save space while still showcasing your garden favorites. 


Idea 4: Smartly Placed Patios
deck in small yard
Photo courtesy of

Small spaces don’t have to feel small. Instead of putting your patio right on the back of your house, create minimalist gardens along the side perimeter of your property and place a patio all the way in the back. This is one of the best small yard gardening ideas because you’ll get to garden and have your backyard oasis to retreat to when you’re done working. 


Idea 5: A Watery Zen Garden
small backyard pond garden
Photo courtesy of

If you fancy yourself a DIYer, a backyard zen garden complete with koi ponds, a bridge, and minimalist garden foliage makes for a gorgeous place to relax with a book in hand. While it’s not exactly an afternoon project, this peaceful, watery garden landscape is perfect even if your backyard is small. 


Need more space? 

If your backyard garden ideas can’t seem to be contained in your small backyard, you might be looking to upgrade your home. If this sounds about right, give one of our licensed Personal Mortgage Advisors a call toll-free at 1-877-480-8050 for a no-strings attached mortgage evaluation or get pre-qualified today. We can’t wait to help you experience what home should feel like.