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10 Steps to Make Your Home Sell Fast

You’re about to put your home up for sale and you’re hoping for a buyer to sweep it off the market in a matter of weeks. You want to spruce it up and make it look attractive to buyers, but you aren’t quite sure where to begin. With these ten steps, you’ll be able to sell your home in no time flat. 

10. That price, though…

It may seem obvious, but your asking price is the number one lure for buyers. It can also be the number one deterrent. Make sure your home is priced competitively from the get-go so that you can attract buyers. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to undersell your home’s value– it just means that you’ll want to make sure it’s comparatively priced to other homes in the neighborhood that are similar to yours– or perhaps even slightly lower, if even only by $500. 

You can also openly offer to cover closing costs for your buyer, if that is an option for you. Both of these things will make your property highly desirable for prospective buyers. 

9. Increase curb appeal.

Your home’s exterior is extremely important when it comes to selling. After all, you’re going to have prospective buyers driving by and scoping the place out before they even set foot in it. The feeling a buyer gets when they pull up to your driveway is the first impression they’ll have of your home–and it’s quite possibly the most critical one they’ll ever have. 

Spruce up your landscaping by applying fresh mulch, planting flowers. and trimming back bushes and trees, if possible. Make sure your home’s siding is power washed if it’s dirty so that it looks fresh and new. Put away the kids’ toys in the yard and rake up leaves if it’s autumn. Wash windows inside and out and replace broken exterior fixtures and make sure outside lights are clean and functional. The cleaner and fresher the yard looks from the street, the greater chance you have of getting buyers to come inside and look at your property–and potentially place bids on it. 

8. Update paint throughout. 

Of all the things you can do to make your home sell quickly, painting the interior is one of the easiest, cheapest, and best. You’ll be able to paint your entire home in a matter of a week or two, in most cases, and it shouldn’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars–tops–if you do it yourself. 

If you decide you need a little help, hire a reputable interior painter or some friends or family members who’ve done it before to assist you with the job. 

Choose colors that are neutral but that exude warmth to keep the rooms looking large and airy. A neutral but darker accent wall, such as one in a deep taupe or gray, can help to add depth to the space without being obnoxious. 

7. Update small fixtures that will really make the rooms “pop.” 

From kitchen cabinet handles to doorknobs and lighting fixtures to light switch plates, these seemingly small “accessories” can have a huge impact on the room. Swapping them out is inexpensive and can help make rooms look more updated and pulled together. 

A dated dining room lighting fixture can be a real eyesore, but you can update to something more current without breaking the bank–and they’re a breeze to install, especially if you already have the wiring in place. 

6. Remove the clutter to make the space look bigger. 

Make the rooms in your home look large and full of potential by removing all clutter and opening them up. Place furniture against walls to keep a spacious look. If necessary, place your unnecessary belongings in storage while you show your home. 

5. Go beyond the walls and talk about the neighborhood. 

When it comes to describing your home, you’ll be tempted to talk extensively about the open floor plan, the great kitchen, the sprawling backyard, and the two car garage with a tucked-away workshop room. While that’s all great, make sure you don’t forget to talk about what a great neighborhood your home is in.

Discuss how wonderful the school district is, talk about the local parks, or showcase the fact that it is within walking distance to that popular organic grocery store that everyone is talking about. Whatever you do, don’t forget to sell the location in addition to selling the home, because it’s just as important as the home itself. 

4. Leave the lights on. 

Leave all lights on–and consider adding additional lighting, if necessary–during open houses, walk-throughs, and while taking photos. Adding extra light makes your rooms appear larger and more open, giving them a fresh, inviting appearance. 

3. Nix the pets. 

We all love a cute dog or kitty, but it’s wise to hide all traces of pets that you may have when showcasing your home for sale. Litter boxes, pet food bowls, pet beds, cat condos, and doggie toys should be hidden so as not to deter potential buyers. 

Not everyone is a pet person, and seeing pet-related paraphernalia can be a turnoff for people who don’t love Fido the same way that you do. In addition, don’t have pets present during walk-throughs and make sure to deodorize if necessary. 

2. Depersonalize it. 

Wedding and family photos, your college diplomas, and that picture of your beloved cat, Fifi, should be put away in all photos and during open houses and walk-throughs. It’s not that they’re not heartwarming; they are–you just want your potential buyers to be able to picture themselves in your home–not you. 

1. It’s all about the kitchen. And also the bathrooms. 

If you’ll be doing any updates, keep the focus on the kitchen… and the bathrooms. The kitchen is the number one thing potential buyers will be looking for when they view your home, so make sure it is well lit, updated, clean, and uncluttered. Bathrooms are a close second. 

Updating your countertops, sinks, and floors in these rooms will have the most impact on potential buyers. Keep your choices classic so that they will remain tasteful for many years to come.