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10 Surprising Ways to Organize Your Home

Realtors often say that first impression improvements like de-cluttering your home are one of the smartest ways to prime your home for potential buyers.

Homes that look clean and organized sell more quickly and fetch better sales prices than those that appear messy. While it may seem like an insurmountable task, home organization is within reach—and here are ten easy ways to do it right.

1. Sort & Ditch

One of the best things your can do to de-clutter the inside of your home is to sort through the things you own and ditch what you don’t need or want. Many people have broken items taking up space in their closets, and these items often are forgotten about for years on end. Get rid of those broken items once and for all by tossing them into the trash.

Things like clothing and children’s toys may not be broken, but if they aren’t being used, they can be ditched to make spaces appear neater as well. Instead of letting these unused items collect dust, consider donating them to someone who can put them to use, having a garage sale, or selling them online to make some extra cash.

2. Store… on Your Door.

Smaller spaces can be especially difficult to organize, as there is limited space to store your belongings. However, limited space doesn’t mean you’re out of options. It just means that you’ll have to improvise and create new, usable space by being creative.

A great way to organize tiny rooms is by using over-the-door storage solutions. These products are easily found in any department store. Over-the-door shoe racks and pockets can make excellent organizing solutions for toiletries, beauty products, cleaning products, or even cooking utensils. Place one near the front door and you’ll have a great place to put gloves, hats, and scarves; items that often land up on the floor.

3. Electronics Organization Gadgets

Nothing is more frustrating than countless charging cords, ear buds, and cables for electronic devices such as tablets and cell phones.  A great way to keep all your phones and other electronics organized while charging them at the same time is a charging station. These handy docks not only charge your electronics, but they’ll keep all those pesky cords together and out of the way as well.

4. Get a Hold on Lids & Pans

Lids and baking pans are notoriously hard to organize. Pan lids are hard to keep track of, and for many people, the pots and pans cabinet is a bit like a bottomless pit. Instead of getting frustrated, get organized by purchasing a pot and pan organizer that will fit into your cabinet or drawer. These handy items will keep lids and baking pans in one place and allow them to be catalogued for easy access. Best of all, lid and pan racks are extremely inexpensive.

5.Crown Molding

Placing small to medium sized pieces of thick crown molding on the walls can be a great alternative to regular shelving in a small space. In the kitchen, try placing the molding on the wall above your stove to store your spices. In the bathroom, install a piece or two that are painted to coordinate with your bathroom colors and store things like nail polish, hair products and hair brushes on them. This idea is a great way to add decor to a wall while organizing your items.

6.Hang Your Kitchen Utensils

When a kitchen has limited storage space, your cabinets and drawers end up cluttered with what seems like a million cooking utensils. There’s nothing worse than needing to flip a pancake and not being able to find your spatula! Instead, place a magnetic strip above your countertop near the range for a convenient place to store metal utensils and knives. Additionally, add a metal rod with hooks to hang your frequently used cooking utensils so you don’t find yourself scrambling at the last minute.

7. Supplement your Fridge Storage

The most used appliance in your home—your refrigerator—is often the most unorganized. To keep your food tidy and prevent unintended spoiling, place wire shelving units, baskets or racks inside. This way you can see items you’ve stored in the back while not sacrificing shelf space, since smaller items can be stored beneath the shelves.

8.Get Creative

Organize your space by getting creative and using places you might not think about at first thought. Try placing decorative baskets or crates under a coffee table to store toys, books, or throw blankets. You can even store board games and puzzles right under your sofa. For additional space, purchase an ottoman or bench that opens up to reveal hidden storage.

9. Disguise & Hide

Smell electronic items like WiFi routers, modems or cable boxes can take up a lot of space and look messy. Try hiding these gadgets in a hollowed-out book right on your bookshelf. You can make your own by removing the pages from a book of the appropriate size and placing the device inside it and hiding it with the rest of your books.

10.Shabby Chic Mason Jars

Mason jars are a trendy and effective way to store things like flour and sugar in your kitchen. Store them on your countertop allows easy access without clutter. You can also use them on your dresser or in your bathroom to store items like hair accessories or small office supplies. Decorate them with a colored ribbon to add flair.

An organized home doesn’t have to be a stressful job, and you don’t need a lot of space to make everything look perfect.