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Scott Dunham, Personal Mortgage Advisor

Scott Dunham

Personal Mortgage Advisor

NMLS #: 1237499




How long have you been working in the mortgage industry?

Since 2014.  

What do you enjoy most about your line of work?

I love helping people get into the best financial situation possible.  

What is your favorite part about working for NLC Loans?

I love how each and every person I work with cares just as much as I do about helping people.  

What are some of your personal attributes that you feel make you a good loan officer?

I’m excellent with numbers and I’m extremely dedicated to my clients.  

How do you build relationships with your customers?

I genuinely care about putting people in the best position financially. I show them that by being thorough, honest, and keeping an open line of communication.  

Some fun facts about me:

I  graduated from Ferris State University with a degree in medical technology and I’m a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan. I was once taken by ambulance because I got hit by a boat…on land. I also have a cat named “Cat”.

Contact Information


4 Summit Park Drive

Suite 200

Independence, OH 44131

NMLS ID # 32416

Direct: 440-809-8725

Corporate: 877-480-8050

Email: scott.dunham@nlcloans.com

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